Independent Recording Artist


Writing and producing music is my passion. I work part time so I can use my afternoons to create music within my DAW Cubase with samples, loops and VST instruments mainly by Native Instruments and what comes with the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

From today on (July 7th, 2021) I decided to share a great portion of my music catalogue with you on this homepage. Every song and instrumental is available for you as a stream in 192kbps MP3 quality and in full length. You are invited to buy what you like on your favorite digital music platform or give something in return by sending me money or nice comments or sharing this page with your friends or on your social media profiles. But you don't have to. It is completely up to you. All I want for you is to enjoy the jewels you find here for you and have a wonderful and great time with them.

Why would I do that? It is quite simple. Since 2015 I have been releasing independent music without any monetary or social success. The reason for that is simple: I love to explore music with my virtual instruments. Produce what sounds great and interesting to me. Unfortunately or maybe luckily for you the algorithm does not like what I do because my music lacks similarity to what is popular at the moment according to that algorithm. In other words my music is so unique in sound and structure that it is not picked up by the algorithm or it is so bad that it is not picked up. But I believe that my music is worth to be found and listened to by you and so I decided to make it available to you this way.

When you dive into my music I ask you to be open. Every song is a unique experience. Because what I love the most is to find new ways to create a song. Yes I tried to write mainstream songs. And yes I tried to write genre songs, but honestly it is not very fulfilling to me so I decided to write and produce what my Muse offers me.

To get you started here are my favorite songs. They will differ over time but these are the ones I like the best at the moment. You will probably find different songs in this catalogue that you like best. You want to start exploring right away click here.


Listen to "Metallic Fantasy":

Listen to "Some Kind of New Romance"

Listen to "King & Queen"

Listen to "Like Binary Stars"


My name is Hendrik Hohnwald and I produce, write and release songs to various digital music platforms worldwide like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and many more under the band names "Ysander", "7 Nights Of Wonder" and "too fragile to be famous".

You find my music here and on many more digital music platforms worldwide:

- Spotify
- Apple Music
- YouTube Music
- Deezer
- Pandora
- Amazon Music Unlimited

- Amazon
- 7Digital
- emusic
- Juno
- Tidal


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Now I invite you to start exploring and discovering my songs and instrumentals just click on Listen to Songs in Full Length on the top menu.