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This is the Home of Ysander and S.N.O.W. two electronic music projects created by Hendrik Hohnwald.

His project Ysander is focused on electronic pop songs with alternative elements. Sometimes experimental and sometimes a minimalistic touch of mainstream pop music. The lyrics are written with a motivational, inspirational and spiritual loving attitude.

With S.N.O.W. (short for 7 Nights Of Wonder) Hendrik creates beautiful relaxing instrumental electronic downtempo and chillout music with lots of lo-fi beats elements. These instrumentals are designed to carry you away into a beautiful day dream.

When Hendrik is not making music he enjoys listening to a lot of different styles of Music. Like Indian traditional, Pop Music from the 80s, Blues, Gospel, 90s Hip Hop, EDM, Film Music, Rock Music from the 70s, Folk, Synth music heroes from the 70s and 80s.

Sometimes these styles find their way into his songwriting and arranging of electronic pop songs and sometimes he is guided by his inspiration to write and produce what comes from his heart and feels like to be brought to light.

He loves String Arrangements as you wll hear on "Have Faith in us" and "The man who lost her love" but it is still electronic as these strings and acoustic instruments come from his favorite sample libraries.

When Hendrik puts on his S.N.O.W. hat ideas for his compositions come from a complete different place. Everything finds its way into existing by improvising with instruments, tempo, sounds, samples, loops and harmonies. For him the arrangememt must touch him somewhere inside, then it feels right.

On this Homepage most of his electronic pop songs and all of his instrumental chillout music are available for free streaming in full length in 192kbps MP3 quality as many times as you like.

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