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My Philosophies Of Sound


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Hello and welcome,

my name is Ysander. I am an independently self-released recording artist.

With this homepage I invite you to explore and enjoy

"My Philosophies Of Sound":

My Albums, my Songs, my Record Covers, the stories behind my songs.
Find out how I write songs. And many more diamonds in the rough are waiting for you to be discovered and to be enjoyed.

Before you get started let me run you briefly through what treasures and jewels are awaiting you. If you found something interesting simply click on the header and a magic teleportation device called the internet teleports you directly to the topic of your desire.

Let's begin with ...

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New Songs

Be the first to listen to my newest songs. Just click the play button and enjoy the thrill of listening to a brand new song for the very first time 🙂

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How I Write Songs

Learn everything about the way I write and produce my songs. With lots of examples. I show you how music happens to me and how I turn my ideas into records that you can shop on Bandcamp and play on Spotify.

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Learn more about me and what motivates me to make music with my answers to these frequently asked questions (FAQ) by music journalists. Please feel free to stop by once in a while because I intend to add more questions with answers in the future.

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You don't want to go to Bandcamp or Spotify to listen to my songs? No problem. Here on my Discography page you can listen to the songs of all of my Albums that I have released so far. Just hit play lean back and enjoy 🙂

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My First Songs

Discover my first steps in writing and producing music. In this post you can listen to some of the first songs I wrote on the guitar. And to some of my first songs that I recorded and arranged with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on my computer. And as a bonus you can download the songs you like for free directly from my homepage to your computer, tablet or smartphone as an MP3 so you can have them with you and enjoy them whenever you like.

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The Stories Behind My Songs

This is a page I am working on momentarily. My Idea is to share background stories to my songs with you. To let you listen to early stages in the song production process. Show you videos I discarded for release. Show you record covers I also created. Every back story will be different. I am very excited to share this with you.

I just finished my first post in this series for "Naked Son" Click on the link to learn more about this song.

I just finished my second post: "Love" Click on the link and find out about the meaning of my song "love".

More are about to come soon.

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My Albums on Bandcamp / My Songs On Spotify

All my songs are available on Bandcamp and on Spotify.

In general I immediately release my music to Bandcamp when a song or an album is finished. Approximately 21 to 30 days after the Bandcamp release my new song or Album is also available on Spotify. The reason is quite simple. I myself upload my music to Bandcamp. But to get my Music on Spotify I have to upload the song to a distributor (I work with Feiyr.com, Emubands.com and Amuse.io in case you are in need of a digital music distributor) who needs 21 days to get the song or album live.

Tip: If you never ever again want to miss a new release of mine, you can follow me on Bandcamp and whenever I release something new to Bandcamp you will automatically be informed.

You already know what you want to shop from my catalog: clicking on these links sends you directly to Bandcamp or Spotify.

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My Lyrics on Bandcamp

You love to read the lyrics while listening to the song or you simply want to sing along. On Bandcamp you find all lyrics to my songs. Just hover over the song you like and then click on "Lyrics" right next to it. This also works while the song is already playing 🙂

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Some Final Thoughts

Making music is my greatest joy. Pushing the envelope and finding new ways and sounds to express myself through my music is my everyday challenge. That is why I sometimes call myself "Sound-Rebel" because nearly every song of mine sounds different. But this keeps making music interesting to me to create something different and maybe even unique with every song of mine that goes out to you. Therefore, I'd like to invite you to be open to what you find here and give these songs a chance to enchant your heart and soul because a song sometimes needs to be listened to more than once to reveal its beauty to the listener.

One final suggestion: If you can, listen to my songs with headphones. Because, this is how I intended my music to be listened to.

And, if you don't mind please recommend Ysander to your friends and followers.

But now have fun exploring my songs and albums and the stories behind them.

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Independent Recording Artist