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Independent Electronic Music Artist

Ysander independent electronic music artist

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Ysander is an independent music project created by Hendrik Hohnwald in 2018.

Hendrik Hohnwald has released independently songs and instrumental music since 2015 under his music projects "too fragile to be famous", "7 Nights Of Wonder" and since 2018 "Ysander" with the help of Feiyr.com and Emubands.com.

All songs and recordings are written, produced, performed, arranged, mixed, mastered, engineered by Hendrik Hohnwald using Steinbergs Cubase 11 DAW and several VST Instruments and samples by Native Instruments and others on a Windows PC.

Hendrik Hohnwald aka Ysander is an independent self-taught musician and music producer.

If you are looking to license or to sync a specific song or instrumental please contact sentricmusic. Most of Mr Hohnwalds' songs are published with sentricmusic.com under the song released band name.

Hendrik Hohnwald aka Ysander is also available for hire to create songs and/or instrumentals for your projects. Please write to Info(at)ysander.com for an inquiry:


c/o Hendrik Hohnwald
Hohenesch 6
22765 Hamburg, Germany



All songs copyright © 2000-2021 by Hendrik Hohnwald, all rights reserved.