Here you find some answers to some questions music journalist love to ask recording artists in interviews. I added a couple that might interest you as well about my creative process, my interests and my likes and dislikes. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. I am more than glad to answer what you like to know.

But now enjoy these questions with my answers.


What got you into music?

Music itself. I love music. I love how music makes me feel. How some songs make me feel. I would say that my love for music drives me to make music. I also love the thrill of finding new music that makes me feel. When I write music it is the same feeling that keeps me going. The thrill of what song or what arrangement comes next out of my imagination.

When did you know you had to make music?

James Bond - For your eyes only. Sheena Easton slowly appears on the silver screen embedded in the sound of the arrangement of the song. She starts singing. I get goosebumps and a voice inside of me whispers: "This is what I wanna do. I need to learn how to make music that creates goosebumps."

What band/singer inspires you the most?

The Beatles. There was this magical morning when I was a teenager. I was listening for the first time ever to the "White Album" over my headphones. It was like a revelation to me. When I finished listening, I said to myself: "This is exactly how I wanna make music." I was impressed by the creative variety of the album. How they created new genres. How they did not care about genres at all. They simply made music the way it poured out of them. And this is exactly what I am doing today. I just let the musical and lyrical ideas pour out of me and go with whatever the muse offers me.

Why it is very important to learn/study/understand the old music?

So you can abandon anything you know about music and start creating something of your own that speaks authentically out of your heart and soul.

What inspires you?

Everything: Books, Movies, TV Shows, Nature, A walk in the park, Life Experience, Chats, Art, Paintings, Music by other recording artists, Poetry, Poems, Internet Pages.

Inspiration comes to me from many different sources.

What are your songs about?

About people. Normal people like you and me. About what we as humans encounter in life from joy to sadness and back to joy. About dreamers, life adventurers. About people who are going through change and how good or not so good they cop with it. I guess my songs are mainly about change and how change effects our lives.

Who do you see as your tough competitor?

Myself. Always myself. I am competing with myself. Not in means of success but in means of how I use my time. Do I finish this or that song? Do I spent time with my lady friend? Do I watch Netflix or read a book? Or go for a walk or work out? Or meet with friends? It is always a tough call.

What is the best song you have ever released and why?

I still haven't written that song and I am very glad I haven't. Because that keeps me open minded and curious about the next song that wants to be written through me.

What is your message for the fans around the globe?

Be yourself. Don't imitate. Don't do what people want you to do because they think it is best for you. Find yourself and then be yourself. Only you know what is best for you no matter what people say. Respect yourself and others. Stay away from violence unless you are forced to use it for your own protection. But if you can walk away instead of using violence against yourself or others, then walk away.

I noticed when listening on iTunes to your songs that some songs have different names but are the same. Why is that so?

Yes this is true for iTunes, 7 Digital, Amazon MP3, Google Play and all streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.
Songs that appear on my "Black Lights" Album were previously released under a different name on the "Potions" Album and "Survivors" Album.
That is so because I wanted to create my personal best of Album and the original song titles did not fit my vision of this. So I renamed the songs and put them together on a new Album: The "Black Lights" Album.
For your reference: here is a list of the songs I renamed:
On Fire -becomes -> I'm On Fire
Are You On Fire? -> I Wanna Know
Love, I Don't Want You No More -> Burned
Repentance is my Friend -> Like A Stone
Thunder Lovers -> Thunder
Dark Love -> Nightfall
I'm A Rocket -> Alright
15 Years -> Fifteen Years
Like Binary Stars -> Stationary
Black -> Black Lights
Endlessly -> Fading
A Better Me -> Same Old Me