If you feel like giving back

There are many ways to express gratitude towards a person. For some things you need my help and other things can be done in private like a gratitude prayer, or sharing the song(s) that moved you with your friends.

Here are the ones you need my help with:

Make a donation to Hendrik Hohnwald aka Ysander

1. Bank transfer:
Send your donation to my bank account:
Account Owner:
Hendrik Hohnwald
Comdirect, Germany
Please label your payment as "Donation". Thank you.

2. Pay Pal:
As you might have noticed, I am not using a PayPal donate button or any other donate button. With a donate button you would mainly support the organization that offers such a service. Me the creator wouldn't receive 100% of your donation. For me this is not really the idea behind giving money to someone. For example my donations go a 100% to the services and organizations I wish to send money to. In my opinion making money of donations that are meant for someone else is not very ethical.

But if you have a PayPal account and you feel like donating money that way. You can do so as a friend to the following PayPal account address this way you can make sure that I receive 100% of the amount you want me to receive for my services:


3. Send Euro Bills by mail:
The last option is using the plane old postal service.
Do you remember when grandma was sending you a birthday card with a 50 Euro or 50 Dollar bill in it. You can do the same to express your gratitude.

Send your Gratitude cards to:
Hendrik Hohnwald
aka Ysander
Dorfstraße 23
21259 Otter

Buy my Songs and Albums on a digital music Platform

All songs you have listened to on this homepage are available for purchase on various music platforms worldwide or they will be. 

These platforms can give you an idea where to find my music:

- Amazon MP3
- 7Digital
- emusic
- Juno

The following Albums are available for purchase:

Ysander Music Artist, 30 Free Mp3 Downloads, 1 Album, 2 EPs

Also are available is The "Black Lights" Album which is a compilation of several Ysander songs. It has "Thunder Lovers" as only new song on it. And the Album "Having Fun With Technology" is a reboot of 7 Nights of Wonders "Electronic Love Affairs" plus three new tracks "Many Days", "Spacecraft is the new Black" and "Working is King".

Hire my services or sync / license my songs or instrumentals

Most of Ysanders' catalogue is published with sentricmusic.com so are parts of the "7 Nights Of Wonder" and the "Too Fragile To Be Famous" catalogue.

If you have a project that needs this music please contact sentricmusic directly or write to info(at)ysander.com to license the track or tracks that you have in mind.

Another way is to hire me for writing and producing music for you. In that case please send your request to info(at)ysander.com with an outline of what you have in mind.