The Stories Behind My Songs:
Naked Son by Sound Rebel Ysander

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Lyrics to Naked Son

Naked Son

Dark holes in the ground
Escaped from the whites
Rainbows in the clouds
no one to count them

Red sounds in the sky
Naked planet in blue
A whisper is in the air
my helmet cracked

Fire breaks the sound
Silence fears the ground
Storms hide in the clouds
no one to fight them

Born a naked son
under a green gate

The Meaning of
"Naked Son"

When I wrote Naked Son I imagined an Astronaut who was stepping on an unknown hostile planet while his mother ship was in orbit. The Astronaut is constantly speaking over his com system to the mother ship about the beauty he sees. Unfortunately this planet is dying and close to explosion which the Astronaut only realizes until it is too late and he dies with the planet. As a spin I thought what if the Astronaut was reborn as a Sun or returned to the garden of Adam and Eve known as Paradise.

The first name of this song was Naked Sun with an "u" to hint towards that the Astronaut was reborn as a Sun. But I liked the other idea better that the Astronaut was reborn as the Naked Son in the garden of Adam and Eve.

"Naked Son" is released as a single on Spotify and is Track No. 9 on my Music Album "Lost in Time" which you can buy here on Bandcamp.

The Making of the Digital Record Cover for
"Naked Son" by Sound Rebel Ysander

This last line "Born a Naked Son under a green gate" was my guideline in creating the digital record cover for "Naked Son". For the record cover I combined the following pictures in GIMP 2.8:

Photo by Jakob Owens courtesy of
Photo by Coral Ouellette courtesy of
Photo by Ysander
Naked Son - Digital Record Cover by Ysander


Unreleased Lyrics Video
Naked Son by Sound Rebel Ysander

With this Video I wanted to capture the dystopia of this song and combine it with the Astronaut theme I had in mind while writing this song.

"Naked Son" written, performed, arranged, mixed, mastered, engineered and released by Ysander. All rights reserved.

"Naked Son" is Track No. 9 on my Music Album "Lost in Time":

Ysander My Philosophies Of Sound, Music Album Lost in Time

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