The Stories Behind My Songs

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On this page I open up my drawers to share with you unheard and unseen material. Exclusively for you to discover here on my Homepage.

I talk about the musical and lyrical ideas of my songs. Their meaning and tell you many more background stories about them.

This Page is still a work in progress. At the moment my idea is that the background stories of the songs will be structured along the Album they were released on. But I still have to figure out how that will work so that you won't get lost along the way.

But for now "Naked Son" is the first post in this series. The song is from my Album "Lost in Time".

I have just finished my second post for "Love" in this series. "Love" is from my Album "Road To Somewhere II".

More posts will come.

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Looking For Lyrics:
All lyrics are available on Bandcamp. Just hover over the song you like and then click on lyrics and the lyric appears under the songs play button.

I wish you lots of fun by browsing through these stories behind my songs.


Independent Recording Artist

Black Lights
(Music Album)

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When I was thinking up the Album title for Black Lights I was reading The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown where a Black Light plays an important role on the first pages of the book in revealing secrets. A Black Light can bring out hidden messages. Black Lights where used in dancing clubs in the eighties to bring out a neon effect. Black lights are also used at crime scenes to look for blood stains. Black lights reveal something unseen. For me a perfect title for this collection of songs.

Click on a song below to learn more about its story:


1. I'm on Fire
2. I Wanna Know
3. Burned
4. Like A Stone
5. Thunder
6. Nightfall
7. Alright
8. Fifteen Years
9. Stationary
10. Black Lights
11. Fading
12. Same Old Me

Lost in Time (Music Album)

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Sometimes my thoughts get stuck in the past or in the future with unpleasant memories or I am far too eager to reach my goals that I forget everything around me. At those times I totally lose sense of the present time and I am just "Lost in Time". On the other hand there are beautiful ways of being lost in time like listening to music, reading a book, watching a film, spending time with your loved one holding hands in a wonderful scenery like sitting in the sand on a beach. Making this Album for you was a beautiful way for me to be lost in time. And I wish you that these songs become a beautiful way for you too to be lost in time.

Click on a song below with a link to learn more about its story:
(not yet available for all songs)
1. Power Up Peace
2. Racing Fireflies (Instrumental)
3. Stand Up And Listen
4. Patterns
5. Rainbow Ride
6. Thirty-Two (Instrumental)
7. Traveling with Shooting Stars
8. I fight
9. Naked Son
10. Ca-Ca C'mon
11. Fading (Electro-Soft Rock Mix)

Road To Somewhere Pt.1
(Music Album)

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Road to somewhere pt.1 and 2 are compilations of songs that I produced in the last decade. I grew fond on these songs while I listened back to them and I thought I had to share them with you. The title Road To Somewhere came to me when I listened to "One Last Breath" by Creed, by the way one of my favorite songs ever, in the lyrics he talks about a Road to somewhere and I thought what a great title for a debut album. So in memory of my first steps into the music business I released these songs for you as Road to Somewhere Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. From Experience I can tell you that It is worth running and seeking your own road to somewhere if you haven't already. It will be worth the find. You'll see 🙂

Click on a song below to learn more about its story:


1. In Silence
2. Feels Like
3. It's the moment that counts (1973 Mix)
4. A walk on the beach (instrumental)
5. Me & You (Campfire Mix)
6. Swallow me whole
7. Be A Better Man (Rock Mix)
8. Flames (Instrumental)
9. Washing Off My Sins
10. My Urban Jungle (Instrumental)
11. Beautiful

Road To Somewhere Pt.2
(Music Album)

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Click on a song with a link below to learn more about its story:
(not yet available for all songs)
1. Without Expectations (Electronic Mix)
2. Say A Prayer (Walking Mix)
3. Torn (Folk Mix)
4. Beyond the skies (Instrumental)
5. Love
6. Sometimes I Have Enough
7. Electrical (Instrumental)
8. Torn Curtain (Pop Rock Mix)
9. You're not the girl of my dreams
10. Make Love Our Permanent Friend (Soul Mix)
11. Fading

Also previously released

If you listen to my songs on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or consider to shop my Albums on iTunes, 7Digital, Google Play, Amazon MP3 you will notice that I released them as follows:
The "Black Lights" Album

The "Survivors" Album
(which is the re-release of "SuperFood" and "Four Nights Of Wonder" on one Album)

The "Potions" Album

Ysander Music Artist, 30 Free Mp3 Downloads, 1 Album, 2 EPs
The "SuperFood" EP

The "Four Nights Of Wonder" EP

You will probably also become aware that songs from the "Potions" and "Survivors" Album are also on the "Black Lights" Album but under a different name. That is so because I wanted to create my personal best of Album. And I figured that the original song titles did not fit my vision of this. So I renamed the songs and put them together on a new Album: The "Black Lights" Album.
For your reference: here is a list of the songs I renamed and their previous release:
On Fire -becomes -> I'm On Fire previously released on Potions
Are You On Fire? -> I Wanna Know previously released on Potions
Love, I Don't Want You No More -> Burned previously released on Potions
Repentance is my Friend -> Like A Stone previously released on Survivors
Thunder Lovers -> Thunder first time appearance on an Album or EP
Dark Love -> Nightfall previously released on Potions
I'm A Rocket -> Alright previously released on Survivors and Superfood
15 Years -> Fifteen Years previously released on Survivors and Superfood
Like Binary Stars -> Stationary previously released on Survivors and Four Nights
Black -> Black Lights previously released on Potions
Endlessly -> Fading Remix first time appearance on an Album or EP
A Better Me -> Same Old Me previously released on Survivors and Superfood

The "Lost in Time" Album is not available on iTunes and Spotify because it is basically a compilation of songs from the "Potions" Album and "Survivors" Album that did not find there way on the "Black Lights" Album.


All songs written, performed, arranged,
mixed, mastered, engineered and released
by Ysander. All rights reserved.