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Defying norms and genres, Sound Rebel, Ysander paints unique and individual Soundworlds for each of his songs. Catchy melodies and lyrics about Dreamers, Adventurers, Lovers and The Broken Hearted are his forte.

His talent combined with his courage for artistic freedom turns each of his four Album releases so far into an individual journey through the possibilities of modern Soundscapes in today's alternative pop music.

Discover the uniqueness of Ysanders' Sound now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Thanks to Feiyr.com, Emubands.com and Amuse.io his songs are now also available on major digital music stores and streaming services like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, iHeart, Deezer, Apple Music, 7Digital, Napster, YouTube Music, Tidal and many more.

Ysander currently creates and lives in Hamburg, Germany.


Copyright and Licensing

All songs and recordings on this homepage are written, produced, performed, arranged, mixed, mastered, engineered and distributed by Ysander.
Copyright © 2000-2019 by Ysander, all rights reserved.

If you want to license my music for commercial use, please write to license(at)ysander.com or use one of the other contact methods below.

License fees do apply but they are negotiable: just tell me what you can pay or what you are willing to pay and in most cases then it's settled.

For more information write to license(at)ysander.com


c/o Hendrik Hohnwald
Wedeler Landstraße 63
22559 Hamburg, Germany

+49 163 285 1046




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